Why DAASI International?

Photo: Peter Gietz drafts a software solution on a whiteboard
Peter Gietz during a presentation on sustainable research infrastructures
Photo: Employee after successful negotiations
Photo: Employees consulting
Photo: Teamwork at DAASI International
Photo: Employees collaborating

DAASI International made it her business to provide comprehensive support for humanities scholars who use methods of Digital Humanities.

Foto: Peter Gietz

Peter Gietz

Founder and CEO

An academic origin, a humanities scholar as CEO, and a passion for research equip DAASI International with a deep understanding of humanistic questions. Thanks to her high level of expertise in the Digital Humanities, DAASI International is also interconnected with various important DH projects and institutes.

This Makes DAASI International Stand Out

Because of many unique selling propositions DAASI International is the right contact partner for your research project.

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