Why DAASI International?

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DAASI International made it her business to provide comprehensive support for humanities scholars who use methods of Digital Humanities.

Foto: Peter Gietz

Peter Gietz

Founder and CEO

An academic origin, a humanities scholar as CEO, and a passion for research equip DAASI International with a deep understanding of humanistic questions. Thanks to her high level of expertise in the Digital Humanities, DAASI International is also interconnected with various important DH projects and institutes.

This Makes DAASI International Stand Out

Because of many unique selling propositions DAASI International is the right contact partner for your research project.

DAASI International Is One of only a Few IT Service Providers Specialised in Digital Humanities.
Origin in and Passion for Research
Many Years of Experience and an International Network
Broad Range of Services
Specialised in Open Source
Certified Expertise of Shibboleth and OpenLDAP
Specialised Trainings and Workshops
Identity & Access Management As Additional Field of Expertise
CEO Peter Gietz as Internationally Renowned Expert
DAASI International Is One of only a Few IT Service Providers Specialised in Digital Humanities.

DAASI International is one of only a few private IT service providers for the fields of Digital Humanities. This has several advantages:

  • DAASI international is independent, interconnected with various research projects and can therefore draw on a broad and long range of experience.
  • DAASI International can provide a comprehensive range of services specifically for the Digital Humanities.
  • DAASI International can apply numerous core competencies from her second business area of Federated Identity & Access Management. Only a few examples are the integration of multifunctional IT infrastructures, data harmonization and conversion as well as high-performing data processing.
  • In both business areas, DAASI International works for and with research and university institutions. This allowed DAASI International to create a large network of contacts and cooperations.
Origin in and Passion for Research

DAASI International was founded in 2000 as a spin-off of the University of Tübingen. The original staff consisted of former members of a research project of the German National Research and Education Network (DFN, Deutsches Forschungsnetz), working with the directory service technologies X.500 and LDAP (AMBIX, DFN Directory Competence Center).

This love and passion for research has not changed since then. By participating in research, DAASI International wants to contribute to the common good, and therefore offers much commitment, experience and expertise to the Digital Humanities.

Learn more about the history of DAASI International here.

Many Years of Experience and an International Network

For more than 15 years, DAASI International has been involved in many research projects in all project phases, and has been working together with numerous research institutions and universities.

Here you can find an overview of the references of DAASI International.

Particulary noteworthy are DAASI International’s participations in the following research projects:

Broad Range of Services

DAASI International comprehensively assists you at your research project from the conception of applications to the successfull project closure. Our services include:

  • consulting, e.g. regarding the integration of tools and applications
  • deployment, development and integration of AAIs (Authentification and Authorization Infrastructures), databases and visualization tools
  • planning, conception and realization of IT structures and operational models
  • support with application filing, project management and the search for partners
  • participation in standardization committees

Find more about the services of DAASI International for scholars here.

Specialised in Open Source

DAASI International has always been a strong proponent of open source technologies, i.e. software with freely accessible source code. DAASI International exclusively develops open source software herself, works together closely with other developers of popular and advanced open source products, and takes part in a number of standardization committees.

For you this means following advantages:

  • sustainability and independence: you and other service providers can develop or adapt the code as necessary
  • security: security holes are quickly detected by the community
  • cost saving: in most cases, open source softwary is license free
  • innovation: open source software is usually further developed and improved constantly by an innovative community
  • standards compliance: open standards interoperably connect most open source applications
Certified Expertise of Shibboleth and OpenLDAP

DAASI International is an expert for the advanced open source technologies Shibboleth and OpenLDAP, both being essential for stable, secure and long-lasting AAIs (Authentication and Authorization Infrastructures) and directory service structures.

As one of only s few German-speaking service providers for Shibboleth and OpenLDAP, DAASI International offers profound consulting, implementation, as well as support and training.

Specialised Trainings and Workshops

DAASI International offers high-quality trainings that are unique in their level of specialization. This is often confirmed by various customers of DAASI International, who travel to the beautiful town of Tuebingen even from other continents, just to enjoy the workshops of DAASI International.

While offering workshops to special technologies like Shibboleth and LDAP, DAASI International also offers tailor-made trainings, individually adapted to your research projects and requirements.

Identity & Access Management As Additional Field of Expertise

DAASI International is an expert for Federated Identity & Access Management (IAM), sought-after by customers all over Europe. The technologies and methods of Identity & Access Management are also beneficial for virtual research environments, thus DAASI International can contribute their IAM expertise to Digital Humanities projects and therefore connect her two business areas. DAASI International’s specialisation in federations is an additional benefit for the highly-interconnected projects and scholars of the Digital Humanities.

More over, the customer base of DAASI International includes, in addition to corporations and authorities, numerous universities and research institutions. Hence, DAASI International is even deeper involved in the spheres and networks of research and universities.

Here you can find more about the business area of Federated Identity & Access Management.

CEO Peter Gietz as Internationally Renowned Expert

Peter Gietz, founder and CEO of DAASI International, has been active in the field of information technology since 1985. He has since established himself as internationally renowned expert for IAM with open source software and digital humanities.

The studied indologist is a frequently invited guest at conferences and events to give lectures about the latest technologies and developments of the Digital Humanities. Additionally, he is engaged in numerous standardization committees, was involved in the creation of measure catalogues for the German Federal Office for Information Security, and he is a passionate coordinator and software developer within the projects of DAASI International.

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