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(Federated) Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management helps to provide users efficiently with all necessary accounts and access rights.

Digital Humanities

Many scholars in the humanities use information technologies for their research, which is summarised with the term Digital Humanities.

Information about DAASI International

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DAASI International is a leading open source company in the European market, specialised in in Federated Identity & Access Management, IT infrastructures and Digital Humanities.


DAASI International is always looking for talented and dedicated new team members.



As NGI Architect DAASI International Presents Concept for Novel Internet Security Techonolgy

After announcing the participation in the project NGI Pointer of the European Commission, DAASI International now published a complete concept paper, an important milestone in the development of Internet security technology fit for the future with TLS-KDH. Safe Data Thanks to Secure Authentication The DAASI International developers want to create the first use case for…

Customised IT Security with Modularity and Open Source

In our digital world, data is amongst the most valuable as well as the most vulnerable goods we have; this is especially true for personal data. Thus, for all organisations processing or managing personal data a customised IT security concept is imperative. More often than not, the necessary individual requirements cannot be satisfied with just…

Peter Gietz as Guest on Podcast for Digital Humanities

  Since July 2020, the podcast RaDiHum 20 takes the Digital Humanities out of the academic context and brings it into our homes. In each episode, new guests discuss different topics with the team of hosts, for instance which new technology is gaining more traction, interesting new projects, or upcoming workshops within the context of…