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DAASI International

Open Source Expert for Identity & Access Management and Digital Humanities

(Federated) Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management helps to provide users efficiently with all necessary accounts and access rights.

Digital Humanities

Many scholars in the humanities use information technologies for their research, which is summarised with the term Digital Humanities.

Information about DAASI International

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DAASI International is a leading open source company in the European market, specialised in in Federated Identity & Access Management, IT infrastructures and Digital Humanities.


DAASI International is always looking for talented and dedicated new team members.



New Partnership for Technological Progress

Open Sources is vitalised by collaboration and its corresponding communities. Thus it is vital for companies in this sector to have an active partner network. After successful collaboration between Vereign and DAASI International on the Gaia-X Federation Services, both companies decided to let the success grow by officially announcing their new partnership. The new partners…

Supporting Federation of German Institutions of Higher Education

The Deutsche Forschungsnetz (DFN, German Research Cluster) promotes German research collaboration since 2007 with their federation DFN-AAI for institutions of higher education. In the federation, all services and resources of all participating institutions with just the regular individual user account from one’s respective home institution. In order to join the DFN-AAI participating institutions need to…

Gaia-X Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Reference Implementation Ready for Proof of Value

Critical questions are being raised today that will define the future champions.   Critical questions are being raised today that will define the future champions. Questions such as: What opportunities await your organization in an economy of data spaces and industry 4.0? How will you implement Zero Trust networks or even address General Data Protection…

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