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DAASI International

Open Source Expert for Identity & Access Management and Digital Humanities

(Federated) Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management helps to provide users efficiently with all necessary accounts and access rights.

Digital Humanities

Many scholars in the humanities use information technologies for their research, which is summarised with the term Digital Humanities.

Information about DAASI International

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DAASI International is a leading open source company in the European market, specialised in in Federated Identity & Access Management, IT infrastructures and Digital Humanities.


DAASI International is always looking for talented and dedicated new team members.



DAASI International Supports You with Your Keycloak Project

Working with DAASI International allows you to benefit from the vast experience and broad portfolio of open-source solutions in the area of Identity & Access Management. The different solutions can be customised and individually combined to form an IAM system which perfectly matches any requirement. Keycloak, the popular SSO solution, is the newest addition to…

Benefits of Containerisation for Security Relevant Technologies

  In increasingly complex IT infrastructures it is not only important to keep an overview but also to use the often limited resources as efficiently as possible. The containerisation of applications is a popular solution to address these issues in IT applications. This is often achieved with the open source platform Docker. There are several…

Commentary Regarding the Cyber Resilience Act

Towards the end of 2022, the European Commission published a draft for the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), which is supposed to strengthen security-critical soft- and hardware in Europe. As a result, the damages caused by cybercrime are expected to decline. Overall, this is a very desirable goal yet it did not take long for the…

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