DAASI International Supports You with Your Keycloak Project

Working with DAASI International allows you to benefit from the vast experience and broad portfolio of open-source solutions in the area of Identity & Access Management. The different solutions can be customised and individually combined to form an IAM system which perfectly matches any requirement. Keycloak, the popular SSO solution, is the newest addition to…

Benefits of Containerisation for Security Relevant Technologies

  In increasingly complex IT infrastructures it is not only important to keep an overview but also to use the often limited resources as efficiently as possible. The containerisation of applications is a popular solution to address these issues in IT applications. This is often achieved with the open source platform Docker. There are several…

Commentary Regarding the Cyber Resilience Act

Towards the end of 2022, the European Commission published a draft for the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), which is supposed to strengthen security-critical soft- and hardware in Europe. As a result, the damages caused by cybercrime are expected to decline. Overall, this is a very desirable goal yet it did not take long for the…

Supporting Federation of German Institutions of Higher Education

The Deutsche Forschungsnetz (DFN, German Research Cluster) promotes German research collaboration since 2007 with their federation DFN-AAI for institutions of higher education. In the federation, all services and resources of all participating institutions with just the regular individual user account from one’s respective home institution. In order to join the DFN-AAI participating institutions need to…

Gaia-X Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Reference Implementation Ready for Proof of Value

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Critical questions are being raised today that will define the future champions.   Critical questions are being raised today that will define the future champions. Questions such as: What opportunities await your organization in an economy of data spaces and industry 4.0? How will you implement Zero Trust networks or even address General Data Protection…

Types of Access Control

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IT offers a lot of different models od access control to define rules for access, using different properties or attributes. They all can be individually set and maintained. Which model is the right one, depends on individual requirements, and the desired level of security of each organisation. With access control it is possible to limit…

All Roads Lead to Rome – Many Factors to More Secure Data

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According to a Statisa survey only about half of the interviewed internet users in Germany use a second factor for at least one more service apart from online banking. But what exactly is two-factor, or multi-factor authentication (MFA)? And why should more people use it? The use of a second factor ensures that applications and…

Don’t Be Scared of OpenLDAP 2.5

For more than a year there have been two versions of OpenLDAP, 2.5 and 2.6, yet there are more than a few who still use the version 2.4. This might be for different, sometimes very relatable, reasons. DAASI International however recommends to migrate to one of the higher versions. In the following text you can…

Partner Gluu Introduces New Open Source Strategy

At the beginning of the year, the American company Gluu announced their new open source strategy with the promise of new opportunities for their customers. In order to ensure that the core functions of the Gluu Server will forever remain open source, the company started as recently as December 2020 the Janssen Project under the…
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