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DAASI International cooperates with various renowned IT companies and is an active member of various associations and initiatives in order to contribute to the promotion of modern open source technologies. Learn more about our cooperation partners below:

Logo: Collabora Productivity

Collabora Productivity are the creators of Collabora Online, an open source software component based on LibreOffice, which can be easily integrated into any web application, it also enables viewing and collaborative editing of Office documents in dozens of file formats. This makes Collabora Online an easy-to-deploy office suite that runs directly in any modern browser, on any device. The parent company, Collabora, is a globally operating consulting firm which advocates the advantages of open source porducts to their customers.

Collabora Online gives all users access to the leading non-Microsoft implementation of an Office suite, with the ability to provide high fidelity import, rendering, editing and export of the vast majority of existant documents in many formats. While the native document model is based primarily on the Open Document Format (ODF), Collabora Online can import and export Microsoft DOCX, DOC, RTF, XLSX, XLS, PPTX, PPT and their macro containing including i.e. DOCM or XLSM. Collabora Online builds on 35 years of developing and the engineers are the largest contributors to the LibreOffice project.

Logo: Crust

Crust Technology Ltd, headquartered in Ireland, is the driving force behind the open source Unified Work platform Crust, providing a flexible, self-hosted platform for your organisation to work and communicate internally while engaging with customers, suppliers, partners and other third parties externally. Its integrated approach to identity, messaging and business logic delivers a simple-to-use yet extensible means for managing users and the applications they require everyday, whether in the cloud, behind the firewall or a hybrid of the two.

Logo: Evolveum

Evolveum’s unique combination of experienced software engineers, identity and access management experts, and progressive business-oriented leadership has created a comprehensive open source identity and organisation management, and governance platform called midPoint.

As a vendor located in Central Europe Evolveum built a worldwide partner network to bring midPoint to a broader audience. Partners provide quality service, they are able to deploy, integrate, customise or run midPoint for clients even for market-specific niche needs. Evolveum supports their partner DAASI International to stay up-to-date in the form of regular updates, support care, know-how, advice, in addition to several more benefits.

Logo: feldpartitur

Feldpartitur is a digital tool for video and film analysis that has primarily been used in qualitative social research thus far. The software is designed for the manual microanalysis of short sequences. For each sequence any amount of information in the form of text (annotations), keywords (tags, “codes”), language transcriptions or visual symbols can be edited in a linear and multi-line diagram (“score” or “chart”) into a two-dimensional axis system. Thus, the tool enables the capture of many different elements, such as facial expressions, gestures, human actions and many more.

Logo: Gluu

Gluu, Inc. is the creator of Gluu Server, a leading free open source software platform for identity and access management (IAM). Gluu
Server is used by organisations around the world to achieve standard-based single sign-on (SSO), web and API access management, and
multi-factor authentication (MFA) for web, mobile and IoT applications.

Logo: NetKnights

NetKnights GmbH is specialised in the areas of multi-factor authentication and public key infrastructures.
With their own product “privacyIDEA”, NetKnights offers a flexible and forward-thinking multi-factor security solution that can be used for remote access, web applications, domain login, SSH access and much more. Customers from Canada, the USA, Europe, India and Japan trust in the authentication by privacyIDEA.

privacyIDEA is open source and is operated on-premise for each customer. A simple subscription model for SLAs also helps with budgeting for the future.

Logo: Puzzle ITC

Puzzle ITC is an innovative IT service provider, covering the whole lifecycle of business critical applications and infrastructure. The company focuses on open source technologies and the latest methods and tools. Since 1999, the Swiss start-up has grown to become a successful SME with more than 100 employees in Bern, Zürich, Basel (Switzerland) and Tübingen (Germany). Today, an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified members is working in the following areas: consulting, applications, delivery, infrastructure and the development of open source solutions.


Michael Ströder is a freelance consultant for system integration and IT security, in specific directory services, identity & access management (IAM), single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, public key infrastructures (PKI) and similar services.

His areas of expertise include the planning and implementation of architectures for the secure use of IT services, the design, implementation and automated installation/configuration (DevOps) of secure software (e.g. web applications), and object-oriented programming (e.g. Python).

Logo: Symas

The US company Symas delivers open source identity and access governance and storage solutions along with unmatched support from the most qualified experts in the field. They help organisations achieve digital sovereignty, scalability and superior performance.