About DAASI International

Story of Success


Founding of the Company

DAASI International GmbH (company) was founded in 2000. The initial staff consisted of former members of DFN (a research project of „Deutsches Forschungsnetz“) that dealt with technologies concerning the directory services X.500, as well as LDAP (AMBIX, DFN Directory Competence Center).


  • continuance of DFN-directory service projects and
  • setup of interesting, diverse workstations with innovative technology, a dedicated staff and pleasant customer base.
Photo: office building of DAASI International in Tübingen

Five Years DAASI International

Projects that DAASI International contributed to in the first five years:

    • DFN-Project: Expansion and further operation of a Directory Competence Center
    • DEEP Project (“Definition of a European EduPerson”) for TERENA
    • running the electronic telephone list and list of employees of the University of Tübingen
    • SUDALIS: Coding of an LDAP-Crawler for preparation of a central index for SURFnet
    • expertise on subject Gateways and technical portals in Europe for BMBF-project Digital Library Forum
    • setup directory Service for University of Münster
    • nationwide project PKI/LDAP
    • projects for ZDV of the University of Tuebingen
    • establishment of an LDAP- authentication service for the University of Duisburg-Essen
    • adaptation of OpenCA for the Evangelical National Church
    • LDAP migration project for a Swedish company
    • coaching and training of an IdM-project at Munich University of Applied Sciences
    • concept and implementation of a Metadirectory for Bochum University of Applied Sciences
    • LDAP Workshop Dekra AG
    • coding for DATEVeG
    • LDAP-training and generation/preparation of an LDAP-pattern (hisPerson) for HIS GmbH

and much more…


One century of DAASI International

Between 2006 and 2010, those were the main projects that DAASI International worked on

  • TextGrid I project (Grid-Computing for the humanities)
  • organization of the OpenLDAP Developer’s Day 2006 in Tübingen
  • running of the electronic phone- and employee directory of the University of Tübingen
  • introduction of an IdM-System at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
  • second Metadirectory implementation for Bochum University of Applied Sciences
  • Metadirectory-Project at the University of Kassel
  • implementation of an On-line-database for the Purana-Bibliography
  • contract of work to advice to DFN-AAI for the DFN
  • IVOM (Interoperability and Integration of the VO-management technologies in D-Grid)
  • development of the technical infrastructure for a federation in Lower Saxony (Nds-AAI I)
  • implementation of the Electronic Register of Persons (EPV) for the ZDV of the University of Tuebingen
  • LDAP advice for the university medical center Saarland
  • supporting services for the DFN-association in the integration of E-Learning-Systems in the DFN-AAI (LDAP-Schema dfnPerson)
    • establishment of a measures-controlling-tool for the Munich University of Applied Sciences
    • development of OpenLDAP etc. (IdM-Project Phase I) for the UdK Berlin
    • construction of OpenLDAP and development of a password modification tool for GESIS
    • creation of an internship data base for the Institute of Media Studies of the University of Tübingen
    • migration of the website of the indology Göttingen into a CMS
    • Gap-SLC (Dgrid Gap-Project on Short lived Credentials)
    • detailed concept of Shibboleth based SSO-solutions and project spread authentication for the BAW
    • consulting and development services for the Student Mobilty for HIS GmbH
    • development of PoC Shibboleth for IDS Mannheim and TU Ilmenau
    • implementation of WSDL-Interface for TUSTEP for ZDV of the University of Tübingen
    • feasibility study on OpenLDAP in the context of eSciDoc for FIZ Karlsruhe
    • implementation of password policy for an internet provider
    • development of a generic provisioning tool (ALOIS) for the University of Augsburg

and much more…

  • Organisation of the LDAPcon 2011 in Heidelberg
  • Project WSVDir 2.0 BAW
  • Research Project TextGrid III
  • Research Project DARIAH-DE I
  • Implementation of IdM for the Berlin University of the Arts
  • Shibboleth-Support for Nds-Universities
  • Study and Proof-of-Concept SSO-System for the Landesmedienzentrum Baden-Württemberg
  • Software for the preregistration of participants of the German digital library for the FIZ Karlsruhe
  • Concept and development of a central directory service for Bingen University of Applied Sciences
  • HIS: advice and development in the field of Student Mobility
  • Integration LDAP-AP MPI Stuttgart
  • „Relationen im Raum” (relations in room)
  • LDAP advice and implementation for Bosch-Rexroth
  • LDAP service for Deutsche Bundesbank
  • LDAP-AD-Project Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
  • Shibboleth advice for several companies i.a. in the Netherlands
  • Development of a LDAP-Cluster for the University of Cologne
  • Project “Digital Learning in Bavaria”: implementation of Shibboleth and development of a web portal for the administration of the Ministry of Education and the Arts Bavaria
  • IdM-Project for Bosch
  • IdM-Project VRSG
  • IdM-Project detailed concept and development AD for MPI Erlangen
  • Implementation Shibboleth for the Kantonsschule Zug
  • Further development of the Metadata Extraction Tool for TERENA
  • GN3plus
  • programming of an OpenLDAP-overlay for Deutsche Bundesbank
  • adjustment of the DoSV-Connector for the Giessen University and University of Erfurt
  • implementation of an ambiguity data base for graduate college ambiguity for the University of Tübingen
  • development of Shibboleth infrastructure for GESIS
  • development of Shibboleth plugins for the Kantonsschule Zug
  • OpenLDAP-AD-synchronization for MPI Stuttgart
  • detailed concept IdM MPI Erlangen
  • AARC
  • OpenLDAP-based connectivity on the current research information system Converis for Fulda University of Applied Sciences
  • Shibboleth PoC for HP USA
  • programming work for the text-image-linkeditor of TextGrid
  • Analysis of requirements for the online database Friedhof Weissensee for Berlin Monument Authority
  • implementation of a topological visualization of search results for University of Lüneburg
  • workshop MidPoint for advanced students of Pädagogische Landesinstitut Rheinland-Pfalz

and much more…


DAASI International today

Today, DAASI International is one of the leading open source providers in Federated Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Digital Humanities (DH).

Our Skills

Since its foundation in 2000, DAASI International did not only grow in its number of employees but also in abilities and know-how. Today, DAASI International has a wide range of advanced technologies available (including LDAP, Shibboleth), is experienced in all business sectors (universities, institutes, authorities, companies, etc.) and in addition to a broad range of services (consulting, development, support, courses etc.) can offer their own products, for example the open source software suite didmos.

Photo: The team of DAASI International in 2017

Vision Statement

We are one of the leading open source providers in the areas of Identity & Access Management and Digital Humanities. Through the support of open source products and open standards as well as through our commitment to research, we stand out and make a valuable contribution to the common good. The well-being of our customers and employees composes the core of our interest and our dealing is characterised by fair, cooperative and social cooperation.

Photo: The team of DAASI International on the rooftop deck