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Photo: Peter Gietz, CEO of DAASI International

Peter Gietz

Peter Gietz is co-founder, co-owner and CEO of DAASI International and has been active in the field of information technology since 1985. He is internationally recognised as an expert for directory services.

Find more information about Peter Gietz here.

Photo: Sofie Bauer

Sophie Bauer is studying law at the University of Tübingen. Since November 2018, she supports the team of DAASI International as a working student.

Sophie Bauer

Student Employee
Photo of Employee Elena Bottke

Elena Bottke is studying media and law at the university of Tübingen. She supports DAASI International in marketing since September 2022.

Elena Bottke

Marketing Assistant

Tamara Egger started as Marketing Assistant while she was still at school. After graduating with a Master’s degree in September 2020 she continues to support our team as assistant to management and marketing associate.

Tamara Egger

Assistant to Management

Marc Füller received his degree in business informatics from the DHBW Ravensburg, ever since he has worked as a system administrator, consultant and software developer in various fields of IT since 2011. He joined DAASI International as a consultant in May 2021.

Marc Füller

Photo: Jonathan Gietz

Jonathan Gietz joined DAASI International in 2013 and supports our team as junior developer. He succesfully graduated in IT at the University of Tübingen in 2020 with a bachelor degree and continues his study to complete his master degree.

Jonathan Gietz

Junior Developer
Photo: CFO Karin Gietz

As co-founder and co-owner of DAASI International GmbH, Karin Gietz is responsible for the areas of administration, HR, finance and accounting.

Karin Gietz

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Photo: Beyda Güler

Beyda Güler received a degreee in Medical Technical Informatics from Reutlingen University. Since February 2019 she supports DAASI International in the field of system administration.

Beyda Güler

System Engineer
Ali Haider Webseite

Ali Haider did his Master in Computer Science. While pursuing his studies, he joined DAASI International in 2016 as a Frontend and Backend Developer. He has expertise in Java, Python, and various IdM standards and protocols. Throughout his career, he has worked on the implementation of various enterprise applications in the financial and Identity & Access Management domains.

Ali Haider

Solutions Engineer
Employee Photo: Niklas Henle

Niklas Henle started studying bioinformatics at the University of Tübingen in 2016. He completed his bachelor’s degree in 2019, and his master’s degree in 2022. While still at school Niklas joined the team in 2020 to support DAASI International as backend developer. In 2023 he transitioned into his role as full-time software engineer.

Niklas Henle

Software Engineer
Photo: Martin Haase

Dr Martin Hitschel is a graduate of Computer Linguistics and Computer Science. Joining DAASI International in early 2006, he has since been working on the BMBF projects TextGrid (Phase I and II), IVOM, Gap-SLC and DARIAH-DE. Martin Hitschel is a certified expert in Shibboleth and SimpleSAMLphp and manages related projects and support activities.

Dr. Martin Hitschel

Senior Consultant
Photo: David Hübner

David Hübner studied Computer Science for Media in Stuttgart and Tübingen. He wrote his master thesis about Shibboleth at DAASI International. Since 2017 he has mainly been responsible at DAASI International for the EU-research projects AARC as well as SSO projects with Shibboleth, Gluu and didmos.

David Hübner

Senior Solutions Engineer
Photo: Markus Lude

Markus Lude studied Computer Science at the University of Tübingen. After many years as a systems engineer at a system house, he has been working as a system administrator for DAASI International since September 2019.

Markus Lude

System Administrator
Photo: Sven Lukrafka

Sven Lukrafka joined DAASI International in spring 2018 for an internship within his course of study at the University of Tübingen and stayed with the company as a working student thereafter. Since 2019, he supports the team as a software developer and junior consultant.

Sven Lukrafka

Photo: Pia Schäfer

Pia Schäfer has started her studies in Computer Science in 2016 and has been supporting DAASI International since then in the field of system administration and software QA.

Pia Viktoria Schäfer

System Administrator
Team member: Werner Schledorn

Werner Schledorn has joined DAASI International as a system engineer in June 2022. Werner contributes over twenty years of professional experience, which he was able to gather at various stations and over many years of self-employment. His expertise encompasses both hardware and software; he is especially well versed in all subjects relating to operating systems and virtualisation environments.



Werner Schledorn

System Engineer
Photo: Benedikt Schnabel

Benedikt Schnabel studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Tübingen. He joined the team of DAASI International in January 2016. Since then, he has been responsible for frontend development and the GUI of didmos LUI as well as the conception and implementation of the current website of DAASI International.

Benedikt Schnabel

Frontend Developer
Photo: Christopher Tomas

Christopher has been working as IT-consultant for software projects since 2005. In the beginning he was involved in development, giving him a lot of experience in regards to all topics related to development. Later, he would become a QA specialist. Starting in 2020, Christopher now supports DAASI International in the field of DevOps.

Christopher Tomas

System Engineer
Photo: Jennifer Vosseler

Jennifer Vosseler studied German Literature and Media Science at the University of Tübingen and is a member of the team of DAASI International since April 2017. As Marketing Manager she is responsible for concepting and executing marketing and PR activities. As Scrum Master she also handles DAASI International’s project management.


Jennifer Vosseler

Marketing Manager / Scrum Master
Photo: Markus Widmer

Markus Widmer studied Computer Science at the University of Tübingen and completed his diploma thesis on Role-Based Access Control at DAASI International. Since 2005, he has written large proportions of didmos and other products of DAASI International. He is procurator, Head of Hosting and Support Department, expert in OpenLDAP, RBAC and SPML, and has the technical responsibility in many IAM projects.

Markus Widmer

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Photo: Julian Wolff
Julian Wolff has been studying bioinformatics at the University of Tübingen since 2016 and has been supporting us as a working student since June 2020. Since then, he has been assisting our team with ETL processes and Python programming.


Julian Wolff

Student Employee

Vanessa Zhang is studying Computer Science and Sinology in the Bachelor’s programme at the University of Tübingen. She is supporting our team as a software tester since July 2021.

Vanessa Zhang

Software tester
Photo: Tamim Ziai

As a graduate of Computer Science, Tamim Ziai can look on decades of IT experience, with particular expertise in software design, Java frameworks and documentation. He joined DAASI International as a Senior Consultant in 2011.

Tamim Ziai

Senior Consultant
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