Application Process

Application Process at DAASI International

You can find out more about the benefits of working for DAASI International on our website, or you can find relevant reviews on our public Kununu profile. The platform also listed DAASI International as one of the top middle class employers in 2020.

The application and hiring process at our company usually goes through four to five phases, from the initial screening of an advertised position to the employment contract.

This process may take several weeks to run its course depending on the requirements and urgency of the position in question.

1. Application


Generally, there are two possibilities to start the application process: You spot a listing matching your own skillset, or you send us an unsolicited application, which we happily take into consideration at any time. Please send your application as one PDF document to

Your application ideally consists of the following documents:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume/ CV
  • Relevant certificates (at least highest educational degree earned, relevant letters of recommendation from previous employers)
  • if applicable, further technical certifications
  • if applicable, up-to-date transcript of records of university

You will receive a confirmation of the successful submission of your application once we have opened it.

2. Response


Depending on the workload of the company at the time, you will receive the initial response to your application within one to three weeks. This response contains suggestions for potential interviews if the evaluation of the application documents has been positive.

3. Interview


Normally, the interview will last between 45 and 60 minutes and will include the CEO, a human resources representative, as well as your direct supervisor. After the interview, you will be informed about the decision within a few days.

Due to the still ongoing pandemic we conduct interviews exclusively online at this point in time – health comes first!

4. Trial Work Session


Especially for positions which require a high degree of technical or product-specific knowledge, we might invite you to a trial work session over the span of a few hours after a successful interview.

At the moment, we are also able to offer this in an online format.

5. New Team Member


After a successful interview and potential trial work session you will be notified about the decision in no time, and you will also receive the first draft of your contract for revision shortly after.

We are looking forward to welcoming you aboard our team soon!

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