This is why DAASI International is your perfect IAM partner

Since her foundation in 2000, DAASI International has developed into a global player.

Once a research-oriented open source specialist and pioneer for directory services, encryption technologies as well as authentication and authorization infrastructures, DAASI International is now a globally demanded expert for Federated Identity & Access Management, working together closely with developers of the most advanced open source technologies.

Identity Management

Unique selling propositions of DAASI International

Compared to other providers in the field of Identity & Access Management, DAASI International has unique characteristics that set the company apart from competitors:

Specialised in Open Source
Specialised in federations
Expert for Shibboleth and OpenLDAP
CEO Peter Gietz as recognised expert
didmos – The flexible open source IAM solution
More than 20 years of experience in varous business areas
Full service provider
Specialised trainings and workshops
Focus on research
Specialised in Open Source
Softwareentwicklung bei DAASI International

DAASI International has always been a strong proponent of open source technologies, i.e. software with a freely accessible source code. DAASI International exclusively develops open source products, closely works together with developers of popular and advanced open source products, and particiaptes in standardisation committees.

For you this leads to the following advantages:

  • sustainability and independence, because you or other service providers are able to develop or adapt the code as necessary
  • security, as security gaps are quickly detected by the community
  • cost saving, since open source software is usually free of license costs
  • innovation, because open source products are usually constantly developed by an innovative community
  • standards compliance through open standards that connect open source applications interoperably
Specialised in federations

DAASI International is one of just a few providers who are specialised in IT federations. With great expertise, DAASI International interconnects corporations, authorities, universities and research institutions, while ensuring long-lasting security and efficiency.

DAASI International will be happy to advise you about your plans. For more Information, see [What is Federated Identity & Access Management] and [Services].

Expert for Shibboleth and OpenLDAP

DAASI International is an expert for the modern open source technologies Shibboleth and OpenLDAP, both of which enable a stable, secure and long-lasting (Federated) Identity & Access Management.

As one of only a few German-speaking providers for Shibboleth and OpenLDAP, DAASI International offers services like consulting, implementation, support and training.

CEO Peter Gietz as recognised expert

Peter Gietz, founder and manager of DAASI International, has been active in information technology since 1985, and has become an internationally recognised expert for directory services.

Peter Gietz is a welcome guest at conferences and events to present the latest developments and technologies of Identity & Access Management, and is an active participant in various standardisation committees. For the German Federal Office for Information Security, he created catalogues of measures for digital signatures, and he is a passionate developer and coordinator within the projects of DAASI International.

[More about Peter Gietz]

didmos – The flexible open source IAM solution

DAASI International is the developer of the software suite didmos. This framework consists of five different open source modules, that together form a strong and efficient Identity & Access Management system.

The advantage of a solution based on various modules is the matching. All didmos components are aligned and can flexibly be integrated into existing IT landscapes. Therefore, didmos is not a standard software, but always an individual complete solution that adapts to all your requirements and needs.

[More about didmos]

More than 20 years of experience in varous business areas

DAASI International has more than 15 years of experience in working together with customers and partners from all business and application areas: universities, data centers, (research) institutes, authorities, ministries, federations, medium- and large-sized companies etc.

[References and success stories]

Full service provider

As a full service provider, DAASI International gladly assists you from start to finish of your project. More detailed, the service spectrum of DAASI International includes:

  • Consulting
  • Integration
  • Software development
  • Support
  • Training
  • Creation of federations

[More about the services of DAASI International]

Specialised trainings and workshops
Durchdachte Lösungen

DAASI International offers high-quality trainings that are unique in their level of specialisation.  This is often confirmed by various customers of DAASI International, who travel to the beautiful town of Tübingen even from other continents, just to enjoy the workshops of DAASI International.

Among others, these trainings are appreciated by some large US-American corporations, who like to visit the small city of Tübingen to further qualify their IT employees.

In addition to trainings about special technologies like Shibboleth, LDAP or midPoint, DAASI International also offers customised courses, tailored to your individual IT systems and requirements. DAASI International gladly trains you and your employees to topics of Identity & Access Management, either in Tübingen or in your offices.


Focus on research

Having academic origins, DAASI International is specialised in the situations, requirements and technologies of data centers, institutes and universities. With great expertise, especially in the fields of Digital Humanities, and enthusiasm for science, DAASI International will be the perfect professional IT partner for your project.