Gaia-X Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Reference Implementation Ready for Proof of Value

Critical questions are being raised today that will define the future champions.

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Critical questions are being raised today that will define the future champions. Questions such as: What opportunities await your organization in an economy of data spaces and industry 4.0? How will you implement Zero Trust networks or even address General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in a data driven economy?

Vereign and DAASI International can help you find those answers, harnessing the potential of modern SSI technology.

Consortia across Europe spent the last years developing a vision of self-sovereign technology and the open and secure ecosystem of value that it will unlock. Much of that work has been done under the umbrella of Gaia-X.

Starting in January 2022, several groups under contract with eco Association began working on the reference implementation for the Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS). Results were presented at the GXFS Summit in Berlin and delivered a clear picture of resounding success, creating a strong foundation for trust and interoperability going forward.

Three of the core components, the Organizational Credential Manager (OCM), Trust Services API (TSA) and Personal Credential Manager (PCM) were developed by a consortium under coordination of Vereign AG, a Swiss pioneer in Self-Sovereign Identity. Together with German identity specalist DAASI International and Indian SSI development house AyanWorks, Vereigns team of domain specialists delivered all components for the GXFS community.

“The resulting stack is unique in several ways,” explains Kalin Canov, General Manager at Vereign Labs Ltd. “It was built as a microservice architecture, ready for flexible deployment and scalability in Kubernetes. Connected with a set of APIs, the result is a highly adaptable SSI technology platform for organizations.”

Meanwhile work continues on the next stages of the specification and further improvements of the original components are already underway. Vereign and DAASI International continue to be active contributors to GXFS and are seeking organizations and companies that aim to deliver first proof of value on the results of this first phase of GXFS implementation.

“We now have a workable solution that enables organizations to issue, receive, resolve, verify and process verifiable credentials at scale, with a built in policy framework that can be programmed in REGO,” explains Georg Greve, CEO of Vereign. “Especially the trust services component is crucial for professional adoption and we’re looking for organizations eager to try out this stack to generate value for their customers, partners and themselves.”

“For DAASI International this project is of great importance, since it allows for extending classical IAM systems with SSI-functionality. Thus we have great interest to continue our cooperation with Vereign” says Peter Gietz, CEO of DAASI International.

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About Vereign

Verifiable and sovereign – the name says it all for Vereign AG, founded in Zug, Switzerland in 2017. The Swiss company is one of the most innovative start-ups of recent years and was nominated for an audience award at the Digital Economy Award in Zurich’s Hallenstadion in 2019.

Besides a self-sovereign identity solution Vereign offers blockchain secured, digital provenance with verifiable credentials for emails and documents. Designed according to privacy-by-design, data-saving and open source principles.

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About DAASI International

DAASI International is an expert in (federated) identity and access management, using open source technology exclusively. Since it was founded in 2000, the IT service provider from Tübingen, Germany deals with identity management, access control and directory service technologies for universities, public authorities and companies. Additionally, DAASI International is actively involved in the field of digital humanities and participates in national and international research projects, including the digital research infrastructure DARIAH-DE. With his company, founder Peter Gietz pursues the goal of creating interesting and varied workplaces with innovative open source technologies for a committed team and thus promoting the use of open standards.

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