didmos LUI


LUI is part of the didmos core within the framework. LUI connects a web-based, user-friendly frontend with a backend to manage identities, as well as a workflow module to manage internal processes. Further, LUI can be configured to be either an interface for administrative purposes or to serve as a self-service interface. This way, any user or authorisation management process can be mapped. The backend operates on the international SCIMv2 standard, thus, it is compatible with other modules.

This generic web portal framework can create, change, or delete data in an OpenLDAP implemented metadirectory. Role memberships enable individualised management and control of user authorisation. LUI can be adapted to your individual requirements in its design (layout, pages, forms, buttons) and range of functions.


Workflow Module

Customised Business Logic

Authorisation Management

Customisable Configuration and Design

Executable in Docker Containers

GDPR Compliant Self-Service Functions


LUI as generic web portal framework with self-service function for administrative processes includes the following functions:

  • automated creation and sending of emails
  • autonomous registration with email verification
  • administrating personal data
  • search and browse functions
  • manage group memberships
  • create PDF files
  • design email templates
  • error reports
  • reset/create password function
  • email with link or token for one-time use
  • Captchas protected login
  • create, edit or answer requests
  • bulk import
  • web service interfaces to any web frontend authorisation workflows

Login screen with DAASI International corporate design.


LUI login with different design.

Federation request in SSO environment.

Change log in LUI.

User profile as viewed by an admin.