DARIAHdocs – Call for Feedback at Half-Time of the Pilot

Since the service DARIAHdocs went live in March, half the pilot phase of the project is already over. DARIAHdocs is an open source cloud application for collaborations between scholars. In an effort to assess the quality of the application an evaluation of the service through users is underway. Hopefully, you already had the chance to make extensive use of DARIAHdocs during the pilot phase to test its features. No matter if you’re already a regular user or have tested the service only a few times so far – we are looking forward to hearing back from you!

Using this link you can access a survey (takes about 5 to 8 minutes) with several questions about your experience with DARIAHdocs. The survey is carried out and evaluated by DAASI International in the name of DARIAH-EU. Your participation helps to properly review the project, and helps to ensure the future of DARIAHdocs to continue supporting researchers in their collaboration. The more responses we will receive, the better the chance to maintain DARIAHdocs and to improve its features and performance. We would like to encourage you to share the survey with acquaintances and peers who also used DARIAHdocs in the past.

Everyone who doesn’t know DARIAHdocs yet is invited to use the remaining time of the pilot phase to test the service and give us feedback as well. DARIAHdocs is an open source project started by DAASI International and DARIAH-EU, the digital research infrastructure for arts and humanities. It allows researchers in the humanities to work on documents simultaneously with other peers. In doing so, it offers many functions analogous to proprietary cloud office solutions. The hosting is DGPR-compliant and is provided by DAASI International; after the pilot ends, the security of the hosted data will remain the top priority of the project. The aim of the project is to provide researchers with a tool that supports them in their collaborative efforts and research, thereby contributing to the support of digital research in the humanities.

We would highly appreciate if you took the time to help us improving DARIAHdocs by giving us feedback. Here’s a direct link to the survey.
More details on the project DARIAHdocs are available here.

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