DAASI International released new version of their open source solution didmos


The second generation of the open source framework for identity & access management is now available.

didmos, the open source solution for Identity & Access Management (IAM) from DAASI International is now available in second generation, the source code is publicly available. The revised modular framework consists of state-of-the-art technology, exclusively based on open source software. The redesign of the IAM suite offers many new features and is now even more flexible in building individual systems for identity and access management.

Next-Generation-IAM with didmos

The revised didmos software suite features a completely redesigned software architecture based on the micro-services principle and modern standards such as SCIM and OIDC. Most of the modules of the predecessor have been modernised accordingly for better compatibility and performance. Taking into account the increased requirements in the areas of security, data protection and compliance, the upgrade also introduces further modules such as the didmos Authenticator, which enables cross-protocol single sign-on, external login procedures such as social login and multi-factor authentication via privacyIDEA.

Each of these modules was published in a generic open source version. For individual functionality, the respective standard version can be additionally extended via appropriate interfaces, so that no customer requirements need to remain unfulfilled.


„This release is a milestone in the history of didmos“, says Peter Gietz, CEO of DAASI International. “As a supplier of open source software, it has always been our mission to offer modern, individual and transparent solutions, that maintain the independence of our customers – with this release we have now succeeded in doing this in the second generation of our own product”.


Project manager David Hübner says: “The strengths of its preceding version – especially the modularity and the usage of open source software – have been further enhanced in didmos v.2 and expanded with a modern architecture and container technologies such as Docker. I think that didmos thus meets the demands of modern companies and provides an excellent open source alternative to proprietary solutions, regardless of whether one uses only single modules or the complete framework for an IAM solution”

Demo and Community

Interested parties are welcome to test the demo of didmos at any time at www.didmos2-demo.daasi.de. They may obtain the source code via www.gitlab.daasi.de/didmos2 and join the community as well.

More information about didmos suite can be found on www.daasi.de/loesungen/didmos.


About DAASI International

DAASI International is an expert for (federated) Identity & Access Management with Open Source technology. Since its foundation in 2000, the IT service company from Tübingen has been dealing with identity management, access control and directory service technologies for universities, authorities and companies. Furthermore, DAASI International is active in the field of Digital Humanities and participates in national and international research projects, such as the digital research infrastructure DARIAH-DE. DAASI International offers consulting, support and hosting, software development and training.

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