Workshop for DARIAH AAI NG Service Provider at DAASI International

On January 21 and 22, 2019, the DARIAH AAI NG Service Provider Workshop takes place in Tübingen at DAASI International. Topic of this workshop is the Next Generation of DARIAH Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI).

DARIAH AAI Next Generation

The DARIAH AAI enables researchers from eduGAIN to access DARIAH services, by using the interoperable SAML standard. Users can log in at their home institution, without the need to create accounts and remember passwords for the online services they want to access. Adding to this, the DARIAH AAI allows for central yet distributed management of group memberships. Thus, DARIAH online services can base their authorization decisions on these memberships.

Since 2018, the Next Generation (NG) DARIAH AAI has still lowered the barrier to connect services to the DARIAH AAI, by introducing a central AAI proxy between all DARIAH services and all eduGAIN institutions.

Key features of the AAI proxy:

  • Almost any SAML Service Provider (SP) library can be used in an application
  • No registration of the SP in a federation needed anymore – just exchange SAML metadata with the proxy
  • The AAI proxy ensures Identity Provider (IdP) Discovery and the connection to eduGAIN
  • It supplies a service with all IdP attributes, plus information from the central DARIAH directory
  • It handles user registration and terms of use approval

The proxy took over many tasks that services needed to implement previously, which now makes it much easier to connect new services.

Call for Participation

This Service Provider workshop is intended for researchers in the DARIAH context that develop or operate online services for the Digital Humanities (DH). This workshop will introduce the DARIAH AAI NG and enable its participants to install, configure and test the Open Source Shibboleth SP to integrate with an online service. The main goal is to make the participants familiar with the Shibboleth SP and how it integrates with their Web application. The workshop will intermix theory parts and practical hands-on sessions.

It will take place in Tübingen, Germany, in the offices of DARIAH-DE partner DAASI International. The address is Europaplatz 3, 72072 Tübingen, Germany. Information on how to get there and suitable hotels can be found on our website under Journey & Stay. DARIAH will incur travel and accommodation expenses for participants who are willing to integrate their own DH online service.

The registration can be done via e-mail to

Further information about the workshop, including the agenda, is available here.

This workshop is organized by the DARIAH-EU working group “Federated Identity Management for DARIAH” (FIM4D).
In addition, information about the contribution of DAASI International to DARIAH-DE can be found here.

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