Researching and Working Together – with DARIAHdocs


The pilot DARIAHdocs is a joint project of DAASI International and DARIAH-EU, the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities. DARIAHdocs enables humanities scholars to work on their documents with research fellows mutually and at the same time. The application offers many functions analogous to proprietary cloud office solutions. The goal behind the project is to provide scientists with a tool that supports collaborative research to further promote digital research in the arts and humanities.

In order to facilitate collaborative work, the application DARIAHdocs is set up based on the cloud application Collabora, which is a commercially supported version of Libre Office. DARIAH users can retrieve documents from anywhere with DARIAHdocs. In addition, they can work on them efficiently at the same time with other scientists. As a DARIAH partner, DAASI International takes over the GDPR-compliant hosting, guarantees the security of the data. Moreover, it evaluates the performance of the application together with the users as part of the initial one-year pilot operation.

Since 2011, DAASI International has been working closely with DARIAH and supports research and development in the field of Digital Humanities (DH) with great commitment. For founder and CEO of DAASI International, Peter Gietz, who himself has a humanities background, this project is a matter of the heart: „I am very happy that with DARIAHdocs we can finally offer a service in which humanities researchers can collaboratively create sensitive content, such as research proposals and their calculation, with a good conscience“.

Users whose institution is connected to the eduGAIN federation or who have a DARIAH account can now test the tool.


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