OpenLDAP Support for RHEL 8 Discontinued – DAASI International Assists in Migration Plans

On Tuesday, the 7th of May 2019, the US-American company Red Hat released the latest version of the Linux distribution Red Hat Enterprise Linux – RHEL 8.

Already in September 2017, Red Hat announced that RHEL 8 does not support the open-source software OpenLDAP anymore: “The knowledge and expertise, and thus ability to support OpenLDAP server to the same level of confidence as our other offerings was limited. To avoid confusion, Red Hat decided to deprecate OpenLDAP server to discourage new deployments and steer customers to the enterprise ready solutions Red Hat offers full support for, or to allow customers to seek services from the third parties that support OpenLDAP server professionally.“

Instead of OpenLDAP, Red Hat recommends migrating to their Red Hat Directory Server (RHDS). This is a commercial version of the 389 Directory Server and can only be purchased through a subscription.

OpenLDAP is the open source reference implementation of the LDAPv3 standard and also one of the most powerful LDAP servers. By using OpenLDAP, IT infrastructures can not only benefit from enormous flexibility, but also gain stability. More information about OpenLDAP can be found on our website or on

DAASI International can offer several support options for users who wish to continue running OpenLDAP under RHEL:

  • Symas OpenLDAP is a binary package from the US company Symas, a partner of DAASI International, which is also available for RHEL. In the Gold version, customers can benefit from 24×7 support from Symas. For Symas OpenLDAP, DAASI International will be pleased to take over the operation for you, support you during the migration and also offer helpdesk services.
  • The LTB Project (Linux Toolbox) also offers current OpenLDAP packages. DAASI International is at your disposal for consulting and operation.
  • Would you rather compile your OpenLDAP server yourself? We are glad to support you! DAASI International has many years of experience and a profound know-how in this field as well.

Do you still have questions about RHEL and/or OpenLDAP? DAASI International is pleased to advise you on these options and can support you in all phases of your project. Please use our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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