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As IT service provider for IAM with open source, DAASI International offers services for multiple different solutions. For many years now, one of these solutions has been didmos by DAASI International, it is a software suite for Identity & Access Management, which is exceptional in its high level of flexibility and standard compatability.

didmos originated from customer requirements which could not be met by any standard solution. Once several different features had been developed, DAASI International decided to combine the singular solutions into one comprhensive product. Thus, flexibility and customisability became the very essence of didmos. Over time not only areas of application as well as use cases multiplied, also the technologies in the field of Identity & Access Management evolved, all of which was also mirrored in the development of didmos allowing it to continously grow. Eventually, the originally „jigsaw solution“ became the distinctive modular structure, which allows for didmos to be used as either complete IAM solution or as supplementary modules to other complete solutions thanks to the integrated standardised interfaces.

The New Demo

The new didmos demo is available to anyone interested in trying the essential functions. Naturally, it is possible to adjust and extend the user interface and functions as necessary for individual implementations to meed individual requirements. The new functions also reflect the progress in the development of didmos.

Screenshot Registration didmos Demo

Overview of the most important functions:

  • Self-Service-Portal to manage one’s own user information as well as passwords
  • Support of multiple tenants
  • Self-registration with subsequent allocation to a tenant by an administrator
  • Overview of groups and group requests
  • Integration of the didmos Policy Decision Point (PDP) to control permissions (i.e. requesting admin access)
  • Multi-step deletion process
  • Multiple languages
  • Different themes to illustrate the customisation possibilities of the interface.

Multi-Tenancy for Even More Use Cases

With the new release of didmos, the IAM solution also becomes multi-tenant capable, which is a big advantage especially for big companies, associations, data centres with multiple clients and a vast amount of external users. Multi-tenancy allows to separetly manage any number of data sets of different clients within one entity. This way data protection is ensured, and administration work can be decentralised: each client can manage their own users due to the integrated PDP.

Due to the tree hierarchy in the metadirectory in didmos it is possible to centrally store cross-tenant data, such as information about services available to all clients. The services can be saved like templates and then be used by each client (once the client subscribed to the respective application). Client-specific information, however, are part of the branch specific to the tenant itself and can be managed on the administration level of the respective client. This way of managing data allows for IAM systems to be much slimmer as all administration is decentralised, thus making the overall operation more cost effects and more powerful.

Administrators of a client can focus on the issues of the corresponding users. The operator is on the highest level of hierarchy and is responsible for the overall system administration and provides support for the tenants. Administrators on the highest level have an overview of the entire system and can either support the tenant administrators or solve problems in the system. By distributing the workload in this manner, administrative workload can be minimised even with a lot of users.

As didmos has always been highly scalable and very powerful due to the utilised technologies such as OpenLDAP as persistance layer, multi-tenancy now allows for the matching use cases such as CIAM.

didmos is continously developed further, hence much may be expected of the furture of the software suite.

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