Gluu is New Partner of DAASI International with Gluu Server

As new partner of Gluu Inc., DAASI International now supports the open source IAM software Gluu Server and offers her full range of services for it.

The idea of open source is supported and maintained by cooperation and partnership. As a specialist for open source software, DAASI International is always looking for collaborations and thus following her own principles and the open source guidelines. Cooperation is all the more important in a highly competitive market such as the one of Identity and Access Management (IAM), which is still dominated by the supply of proprietary solutions.


Therefore, DAASI International is all the more pleased about the new partnership with Gluu Inc., the Texan developer of the open source IAM software Gluu Server for a central authentication and authorisation with web and mobile applications. With immediate effect, DAASI International offers implementation, integration and support services for Gluu Server and proves once again her versatility and expertise.

The several components of Gluu Server use technologies such as SAML (using Shibboleth), OpenID Connect,  OAuth2 and LDAP, that are very familiar to DAASI International and that are used for features like the two-factor authentication, Single Sign-On (SSO) or Access Management. Similar to midPoint and in contrast to the modular design principle of didmos, Gluu Sever is a standard software, but can also be modified regarding all individual requirements due to its open code.

“We were looking for a powerful implementation for OpenID Connect that we would like to integrate in our projects. The implementation in Gluu Server was our favorite”, says Peter Gietz, CEO of DAASI International. “As the chemistry is right as well, it stands to reason to work together.”

With Gluu Server, DAASI International extends her portfolio with regard to web services and mobile applications. DAASI International is happy to consult you on which solution is the most appropriate for you and your project.

More information can be found on the official Gluu website.

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