DAASI International – Please #StayAtHome

Dear customers, dear partners, dear friends,

You, we, all of us, have to deal with COVID-19 and its still unforeseeable consequences for society and the economy. In order to limit the negative effects as best we can, we are all called upon to act in solidarity now. We must be there for each other and work together to slow down the spread of the corona virus. Anything we can do to that end, we must do.

Like many other organisations, DAASI International decided to take action last week. For the time being, the staff will mainly work from home. Of course, you can still reach us through all our usual channels; telephone, email, web and social media.

We would also like to take this opportunity to ask you with a sense of urgency to act in solidarity and to do whatever might benecessary to help the cause.

  • Reduce social contacts to the necessary minimum

  • Offer your help to people from known risk groups, e.g. shopping or walking the dog

  • If you need to run errands, support local businesses

  • Practice regular hand hygiene
  • Stay informed about the current situation through reputable media or use the nationwide telephone advice service. Help us to avoid giving a platform to speculations and fake news.

Stay healthy!

Your DAASI International team

This is how you can reach us:

Phone: +497071 407109-0
e-mail: info@daasi.de
Support: support@daasi.de
Sales:  Contact Form



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