Together for the Future of Research – FIM4R Presents its New Visions

The mebers of FIM4R (Federated Identity Management for Research), 18 research communities from around the world, have worked together over the past year to draw a shared picture of the future of Federated Identity Management (FIM) in terms of research. The result went online today in the form of a new white paper.
Peter Gietz, founder and CEO of DAASI International and representing the humanities as a member of DARIAH, presented this white paper together with three colleagues at the TNC Conference 2018 in Trondheim, the largest and most prestigious European research networking conference.

The document gives “an updated view of the needs and challenges of those operating research infrastructures that leverage Federated Identity” (FIM4R) and provides recommendations to all involved stakeholder groups that are addressed.

All FIM4R members share a common interest in using Federated Identity Management for their cyber research infrastructures, relying on eduGAIN‘s global federation infrastructure. The white paper outlines the requirements for the technical architecture, Federated Identity Management and the necessary operational guidelines. The aim of the group is to achieve a harmonious integration of cyber research infrastructures with the federations operated by the national research networks.

In order to present the group’s vision and to document initial requirements and recommendations, a first written paper was drawn up in 2012.
Today, on 12.06.18, the second white paper has been published on, describing the progress that has been made since 2012 and highlighting current and future challenges.

DAASI International, as an official project partner of the research infrastructures DARIAH-DE and AARC, the latter a project funded by the European Commission to create a globally consistent AAI for Education and Research, is a member of the working group FIM4R.

Within the scope of DARIAH-EU and AARC, Peter Gietz worked intensively on this paper and thus on an independent FIM solution for international research.

Learn more about FIM4R on the official website.

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