Partner Gluu Introduces New Open Source Strategy

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At the beginning of the year, the American company Gluu announced their new open source strategy with the promise of new opportunities for their customers. In order to ensure that the core functions of the Gluu Server will forever remain open source, the company started as recently as December 2020 the Janssen Project under the Linux Foundation. The new strategy now once more underlines the commitment to the open source community.

Another part of the release might also be to the liking of many users: the support and development of Gluu 4 is going to be extended. Last year Gluu gave notice that they were only going to offer support for Gluu 4 until the end of 2022. The new end-of-life is now set for 2027 with a very likely extension to 2028. Moreover, the company introduced the new solution Gluu Flex which follows an open core business model. This means that Gluu Flex comes with a proprietarily license admin interface, which replaces the Ox Trust component in the regular Gluu Server. Gluu Flex is based directly on Janssen and therefore contains the latest developments, even before they are integrated into Gluu Server. Finally, the strategy announcement also included the announcement of a cloud version for Gluu, which will be called Gluu Solo, and basically offers support directly from the developers. The regular Gluu Server is also supposed to receive a cloud option within the year.

Yet another big announcement was in regards to the Gluu Server repository. As Gluu Server is connected one way or another to a multitude of other open source projects, the developers aim to publish a new master repository on GitHub, to streamline all projects. All news regarding the new master repository will be publicly communicated. Of course, the team of DAASI International will also keep you updated on this matter.

The developers behind Gluu therefore not only reinforce their engagement in the open source field with these innovations but also modernise their entire offering. While many companies eventually turn their backs on open source, Gluu reckons: “Business and open source are not mutually exclusive–used correctly they are symbiotic.”

More information on the new open source strategy of Gluu, as well as their offering you can find in the corresponding article on the offical website.

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